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The Great Gleaming Seat of All Creation (2013)

01.   A Recollection of Green Coasts
02.   Giant Saucer Journey of the Noble Mammoths
03.   Binky Bips
04.   In a Spire on a Glass Bridge
05.   My Queen of Ice
06.   The Screaming Tower
07.   She is Wearing the Blue of Dawn
08.   Totally Stellar Travels
09.   Blueprint of the Recurring Dream
10.   Stars Emerging Over Wet Streets

This music is a direct follow up to Excursion to Yankee Comet. It follows the space adventurer on another quest, this time aiding a herd of wooly mammoths on a mission to find a new planet, serving a mysterious queen of ice, and seeking a lost fragment of his own dreams.

Method Composition
Instrumentation Keyboard • Bass • Percussion
Recorded May 13 - October 20, 2013
Duration 46 minutes

©2013 Avi Morgan
All rights reserved