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The first book of states depicted turbulent and chaotic feelings. This one strikes back at it by imparting states of elation, epiphany, and growth. It answers the despondent searching and struggling against uncertainty by inspiring a pervading sense of optimism and internal evolution to a higher level of existence. The pieces are true opposites to the first set on a structural level as well, being improvised within predetermined scales, which on a personal level marks a first excursion into formal melodic structure.

Method Improvisation
Instrumentation Two Pianos
Recorded July 21, 2016
Duration 38 minutes

01. Bestirring
02. Thoughtfulness
03. Transformation
04. Ascension
05. Contemplation
06. Intuition
07. Radiance
08. Seduction
09. Provision
10. Mysticality
11. Reemergence
12. Dynamism
13. Spirit
14. Vocativity
15. Passion