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- The Streets of College Park, Volume 4: Memory Lines -

The Streets of College Park is a series of five volumes depicting the many streets that my siblings and I grew up exploring in our neighborhood of College Park, San Jose, California. Each volume depicts all thirty streets during a specific decade.

"Memory Lines" presents the area as it felt in the 2000's. It is a deep dive into complete and total liberation of feelings and memories unleashed on the fly. The music imparts a series of adventures taken by myself, my brother, and our friends, usually during extended lunch breaks from testing video games at various companies in the area.

As with the preceding album, "Happy Lanes", each piece was improvised in a series of single takes for each part, with no do-overs, no corrections, and no alterations made to the resulting music. Both albums were great excursions in improvisation and turned out to be a concentrated, intense and extremely fun experience to create.

Created: November 21st to December 3rd of 2017
Album duration: 57 minutes

©2017 Avi Morgan
All rights reserved

Memory Lines (2017)

01.    Lord of the Estate
02.    Gushing Grounds
03.    Sardis Acorn
04.    Learning Path
05.    Pluck
06.    Walled Area
07.    Shaded Lane
08.    Berry Mound
09.    Rod Row
10.    The Basin
11.    Sky Harbor
12.    Redfin
13.    Evenness
14.    Candleberry
15.    Gallic Nut
16.    Overseer
17.    Tonewood
18.    Quick Water
19.    Roof Lines
20.    Visibility
21.    Whirlygig
22.    New Blocks
23.    Verdant Swell
24.    Luminous Trees
25.    Roost
26.    Black Willows
27.    Lacebark
28.    Conversation Quarter
29.    Nectar
30.    Doves