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Interludes (2014)

01.    Smiles
02.    Antics
03.    Convergence
04.    Affection
05.    Hesitation
06.    Unrest
07.    Notions
08.    Idleness
09.    Connection
10.    Whimsy

These are brief and spontaneous sketches that capture the pure enjoyment and lively motion of free improvisation.

I sat down to have fun mostly, and started following whatever occurred in the moment. As soon as I would finish one piece, the next one would just jump into my mind. This process spanned two evenings, with five recordings made each night, and resulted in a short series of lyrical and rhythmic melodies.

Created: April 15th and April 16th of 2014
Album duration: 16 minutes

©2014 Avi Morgan
All rights reserved