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Improvisations, Book 2 (2016)

01. Bestirring
02. Thoughtfulness
03. Transformation
04. Ascension
05. Contemplation
06. Intuition
07. Radiance
08. Seduction
09. Provision
10. Mysticality
11. Reemergence
12. Dynamism
13. Spirit
14. Vocativity
15. Passion
Following the first book of improvisations, this music for two pianos was improvised in a swift series of takes in order to capture a specific mood. There are striking differences between this set and the former one, however.

While the first set depicted a turbulent and chaotic series of feelings, this one imparts states of elation, epiphany, and growth. It contrasts the previous set of gloomy struggles and uncertain states of being by evoking a pervading sense of optimism and internal evolution to a higher level of existence.

The most significant aspect of this volume's creation is the musical approach taken during its development. For the very first time in my life, I chose to create music within a pre-determined melodic framework of some kind.

Each take was made using a certain scale, and since these were and continue to be completely unfamiliar to me, I simply taped a piece of paper to each note that did not belong to the current scale. This allowed me to improvise in a purely melodic and spontaneous fashion, as always, while unconsciously conforming the resulting music to a particular scale.

The second take would therefore use a different scale than the first one, so that each piece features two pianos that are playing music in different keys, yet which is harmonious due to the spontaneous, back-to-back method of creation, where a particular mood extends from one take and into the next, thus resulting in two simultaneous melodies that, although using different keys, are nonethtless linked to one another through the perpetuation of a particular sensation.

This approach represented an enormous change in direction on a personal level, but as it relates to the music, it allowed the second set of improvisations to be the complete opposite of the first, from the emotions contained within them, to the nature of their individual creation, so that the two sets truly oppose one another.

The music was completed in two sittings during a single day, just as the previous set of improvisations had been.

Created: July 21st of 2016
Album duration: 38 minutes

©2017 Avi Morgan
All rights reserved