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Music for three bass guitarists and one percussionist.

Each piece was improvised as single takes for each part that were subsequently lined up so as to end in the same measure. This project had been a daydream for about a decade yet I kept feeling intimidated by the notion of actualizing something beyond a bucket of mud within such particularly constrained framework.

Method Improvisation
Instrumentation Three Basses & Percussion
Recorded October 22 - November 1, 2022
Duration 21 minutes

01.   Telos       Purpose
02.   Agos       Awe
03.   Tykhe       Chance
04.   Kairos       Appointedness
05.   Euche       Vow
06.   Euthymia       Gladness
07.   Philia       Friendship
08.   Apatheia       Equanimity
09.   Eros       Desire
10.   Metanoia       Repentance